Programmed Applications and Business solutions

We have written many applications over the years (since 1978!) both for the general market and to meet specific client needs.
We were the original developers of the leading Irish Income tax computational application, TaxPack. In a similar fashion we were the original developers of COmpAd, the leading tax and secretarial compliance software for Irish companies.
Examples of the types of current products we support are set out below.
When you purchase software it is important to realise that you also become associated in a special way with the company behind the software. At Pierse Technology we are very proud of our track record and our history in maintaining and updating our software.

CefasT for Credit Unions
This is a parameterised variation of the main CefasT package (see below) especially for Irish Credit Unions. Among its many new features, it offers a daily cashiers’ interface, an integrated investment ledger and extensive transaction import facilities.

CefasT - Accounting from Pierse Technology
This product was developed originally in 1993 as a result of a demand from our users for a simple parameter driven accounting package for small businesses. It has since been redeveloped on a number of occasion and for the Windows environment.
It forms the core for our bespoke accounting solutions. The package is supplied set-up and tailored to the individual user. At the end of a financial year or month the accounting practice can import the client’s information and produce final accounts on a cost effective basis or the user can do it themselves using and Excel templates.
The package has powerful capabilities such as;
- Accounts receivable ledgers
- Accounts payable ledgers
- Electronic payment support
- General ledger
- Bank reconciliation
- Vies and IntraStat reports
- Form 46G Returns
- Support for the three main Irish Vat retailer schemes
- and so on.
It is built around an open architecture and in general requires at least one user in an organisation to have a good skill level in Microsoft Excel and Access in order to get the best from the system. The software itself is usually provided at no cost by us but implementation, training, special amendments and ongoing main

We have developed a number of once off applications for users with special requirements, an example of which is our WireMaster program developed in conjunction with a client company.
It handles all aspects of Paper Machine Clothing production processes such as weaving, calendering, cutting, seaming and packing.
Modules include Order entry, Materials Planning, Machine planning, Design specification, Version control, Quality monitoring, Shipping, Invoicing and so on.
We have no present plans to develop any of these in general market packages but would be very interested to hear from you if you have special requirements in our general areas of expertise.

LeMans – Vehicle lease management
Leasing Manager for Leasing companies and motor traders
This package has been developed for motor trade dealers who carry there own leasing book.
It enables a complete track to be kept of all leases and related vehicles. Fast and easy to use data entry routines enable the system to be kept up to date all the time.

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