Monthly Accounting and technical support contracts

This work falls under three headings:

Monthly Reporting

We currently support a number of clients in the production on their monthly reporting. This can cover areas from the supervision of accounts production right through to the production of Board packs for the monthly Board meeting.

Web Site Development and Maintenance

We develop Web sites that are specifically tailored to be capable of being updated directly by our client. We do, however, in addition provide a monthly maintenance and updating service.

Consultancy and Review Services –
Our “Joining the Dots..” business health-check program

Pierse Technology provides a unique service to Irish business in the form of a review of the integration of the various aspects of the business.
These services are currently provided only in Ireland and only to those businesses where we feel we can make a real contribution having carried out an initial overview with the management.
The review is aimed primarily at Small to Medium sized Enterprises (SME’s) employing 15-100 people and only a limited number are undertaken each year.

Joining the dots

The review examines the business to see if its various initiatives hang together in a coherent fashion. Inevitably this review tends to concentrate or at least be biased towards the efficient use of technology and best business practice.

Business Advancement

Firstly we review the strategy the business has in place to develop into the future. Does it have defined goals, a formal or informal strategic plan, investment planning, a budget planning process and so on?

Information Technology

We review the technology currently in place. Does it actively assist in business processes? How is used as a Marketing tool, as a Management tool? How efficient is the accounting system? How good is security?

Reporting systems

The reporting system is examined for its daily, weekly and monthly feedback. Are there KPI’s (key performance indicators) set up and are they adequate for the business?

Human resources

Are there sound recruitment, appraisal and training strategies in place? Are there properly documentation systems, policies and procedures? How does the Board demonstrate its commitment to the people who work for the business?

Marketing and Communication

Frequently the higher the level of technology implementation in a business the lower is the real level of communication between the stakeholders in the business. Marketing is not a question of an annual budget or plan, it should be an all pervasive attitude of mind within the business.
Corporate Governance and Compliance
Are there monthly Board meetings or some other form of regular recorded top level review processes? Are there adequate compliance policies and procedures in place for management and staff to follow? Are these consistent with practice? Is there a quality programme in place?

Risk Management

Finally we review the risk management procedures in the business under the headings of external, organisational and operational risk factors.

Any matters that come up in the course of the review are referred back by us to the business to be dealt with appropriately. We do not, except in exceptional circumstances, get involved in any implementation or further investigation of any issues that might arise in our review. We feel strongly that to do so would impinge on the independence of our review.

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